Facility Management

We’re committed to keeping buildings up to code and operating efficiently. Our site-based services provide routine check-ups, preventative maintenance solutions, and rapid response to on-demand requests for facility emergencies or high-priority tasks.

Facility Management Services

We help minimize costs and maximize operational efficiency. We handle all your building maintenance needs, whether it’s utility management, pest control, janitorial services, mechanical work, or more.

Man looking up at electrical lines on tower

Utility Management

Energy, waste, and water usage impact your business revenue and building functionality. We manage your utility output to reduce expenses, prevent problems, and improve savings.

Pest Control

Pests cause harm to your health and to your business. Diversified360 integrates pest control prevention with our facility management services. We offer ongoing inspections, rapid on-call assistance, and active bug-killing solutions to stop pests before they enter.

Man taking an electrical reading at a circuit panel

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

We manage mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues that may happen in your facility. Our fast-moving team inspects, motors, and adheres to all onsite services to prevent operational delays.

Finishes, Fixtures & Furnishing

At Diversified360, we manage your furniture and fixtures from start to finish. We pride ourselves on detail, attraction, and functionality for your business.

We paint, implement, and customize furniture pieces while incorporating lighting fixtures and specialized equipment to enhance the look and quality of your property. From hanging artwork to arranging office space, we do it all. We will ensure that your facility is customized correctly and ready for business.

Office furniture and workstations arranged neatly
Person cleaning a hard tile floor with warning sign in place

Environmental Services

We offer commercial cleaning and environmental services for your facilities. Enjoy streak-free shine from our safe and sanitary products.

Landscaping & Snow Removal

Landscaping and snow removal ensures that your property is always safe, appealing, and functional for staff, clients, and customers. We provide landscaping and snow removal services as-needed and on your schedule.

Lush green landscaping outside of a hotel

Diversified 360 Delivers Facility Management Services

We make facility management simple and effective for you and your organization. Contact us for the solutions you can’t get anywhere else.

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